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July 21 - July 27 (or July 31)


Munga Plains

Safari & Yoga retreat with Cedric Abeck

Embark on a transformative journey with Cedric, founder of Colife Geneva. Experience the tranquility of Munga Plains' exceptional location and the captivating aura of Botswana's wilderness through a 7 or 11 days retreat

Safari & Yoga retreat with Cedric Abeck
Safari & Yoga retreat with Cedric Abeck


July 21 - July 27 (or July 31)

Munga Plains, Chobe Flooded Plains, Kachikau, Botswana



Escape the Mundane and Immerse in Serenity

Munga Plains is a sanctuary where modern distractions fade and you synchronize with nature's rhythm. Revel in a place of healing and adventure, with the wilderness's distant calls serenading you through your journey.

About your instructor: Cedric Abeck, Founder of Colife Geneva 

Cedrick discovered the world of yoga and self-hypnosis at the age of 8, beginning a lifelong journey of introspection and physical practice. After facing a burn-out at 30, he reconnected with yoga through meditation and a transformative teacher training in an Ashram in North India. This experience led him to open his first yoga studio in Geneva in 2012 (Colife), followed by two more, and the development of various teacher training programs.

Trained in various yoga styles including Hatha Sivananda, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Pilates, and hypnosis, he brings a diverse and profound expertise to his teaching. He holds 300 hours certification in Hatha Sivananda and 200 hours in Vinyasa.  Cedric's passion for sharing his knowledge and his commitment to helping others through yoga make him an ideal guide to immerse you on your yoga journey in the wilderness of Botswana.

Retreat Itinerary:

  • Day 1 (July 21): Arrival and pick up from Victoria Falls.
  • Day 2-6: Submerge into serenity with 5 nights at Munga Plains, partaking in yoga and safari excursions.
  • Day 7 (July 27): Depart from Victoria Falls

Optional: Mobile safari experience:

  • Day 7- Day 10: Mobile safari experience into the Okavango Delta through Savuti and Khwai (Moremi Game Reserve)
  • Day 10: Optional scenic flight over Okavango Delta from Khwai airstip, landing in Kasane or safari drive back. Night at Victoria Falls.
  • Day 11 (July 31): Depart from Victoria Falls

Contact us to learn more about the mobile safari experience!

What to Expect:

  • Holistic Wellness: Reconnect and recharge through yoga and meditation, with the wild as your backdrop
  • Thrilling Safari Adventures: Spot the legendary Big Five during game drives in Chobe National Park.
  • Cultural Immersion: Village tours and traditional feasts offer a glimpse into the harmonious life of the locals with the land
  • Tranquil Mokoro Rides: Experience the calmness of Botswana's waterways in a traditional dugout canoe.
  • Nature Walks: Engage all your senses on guided walking safaris through untamed landscapes.
  • Culinary Delights: Participate in bush cooking lessons and savor the taste of the wilderness. Learn more here.

Accommodation and Cost:

Choose our accommodation option for your trip:

Yoga retreat (7 days):

  • Shared double room : CHF 2,000 / person (can be booked privately with double booking)
  • Private double room (single occupancy): CHF 2,500 / person

Mobile safari (+ 4 days optional):

  • Shared tent: CHF 1,500 / person (can be booked privately with double booking)
  • Private tent: CHF 1,800 / person
  • Optional scenic flight: CHF 500 / person

Includes all meals, drinks (water, juices, tea/coffee), safari activities, and accommodation. Flights to/from Victoria Falls excluded.

Travel Details:

Arrival/Departure airport: Victoria Falls Airport (VFA)

Recommended flights from Geneva: Ethiopian airlines

  • Outbound: GVA - VFA, July 20, 10.15pm - July 21, 12.10pm
  • Inbound: VFA - GVA, July 27, 1.05pm - July 28, 6.30am
  • Inbound for mobile safari option: VFA - GVA, July 31, 1.05pm - Aug 1, 6.30am

Extend Your Journey:

Munga Plains is at your service to help arrange flights and additional travel in Botswana or the surrounding countries.

About Colife:

Colife's mission is to help and support anyone wishing to progress in their personal development, through the transmission of authentic yoga. Colife seeks the best solutions for serenity and self-improvement for each individual, and thus wishes to create and develop a community of autonomous, free and happy people. Learn more here

Reserve Your Spot:

Spaces are limited to 12 yogis. Book your spot now!

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Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover.          Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover.          Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover.         Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover.           Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover


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