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Sep 22, 2024 - Oct 3, 2024


Munga Plains

Kerry Flower & Ashley Ahrens - Safari Yoga and Breathing Retreat

Join Kerry and Ashley for a transformative retreat that fuses the enlightening practice of yoga with the vitalizing power of breathwork, all set against the backdrop of Botswana’s breathtaking wilderness. RSVP: or

Kerry Flower & Ashley Ahrens - Safari Yoga and Breathing Retreat
Kerry Flower & Ashley Ahrens - Safari Yoga and Breathing Retreat


Sep 22, 2024 - Oct 3, 2024

Munga Plains, Chobe Flooded Plains, Kachikau, Botswana


Escape the Mundane and Immerse in Serenity

Munga Plains is a sanctuary where modern distractions fade and you synchronize with the wilderness rhythm. Revel in a place of healing and adventure, with the wild's distant calls serenading you through your journey.

Retreat Itinerary:

  • Day 1 (Sep 22): Arrival, unwind at Victoria Falls. Overnight at Shongwe Oasis
  • Day 2: Marvel at Victoria Falls, a spectacle of nature's power.
  • Day 3-6 & 9-12: Submerge into serenity with 8 nights at Munga Plains, partaking in yoga, breath work and safari excursions.
  • Day 6-8: Two nights in the wilds of Savuti—a mobile safari experience under the African stars.
  • Day 13 (Oct 3): Transfer and departure from Victoria Falls

What to Expect:

  • Holistic Wellness: Reconnect and recharge through yoga and breathing, with the wild as your backdrop
  • Thrilling Safari Adventures: Spot the legendary Big Five during game drives in Chobe National Park.
  • Cultural Immersion: Village tours and traditional feasts offer a glimpse into the harmonious life of the locals with the land
  • Tranquil Mokoro Rides: Experience the calmness of Botswana's waterways in a traditional dugout canoe.
  • Nature Walks: Engage all your senses on guided walking safaris through untamed landscapes.
  • Culinary Delights: Participate in bush cooking lessons and savor the taste of the wilderness.

Accommodation and Cost:

  • Large Double / Twin room: £3,150 per person
  • Standard double (single occupancy): £3,750 per person
  • Small double (sharing): £2,900 per person

Cost includes all meals, safari activities, and accommodation. Flights excluded.

Travel Details:

  • Arrival/Departure airport: Victoria Falls Airport (VFA)
  • Suggested Flights: Ethiopian Airlines (Approximately GBP 900 per person)
  1. LHR - VFA (departure: 21 Sep, 9pm, arrival: 22 Sep 2024: 12:10pm)
  2. VFA - LHR (departure: 3 Oct, 1.05pm, arrival: 4 Oct 2024: 7am)
  • Transfers: Coordinated for all participants to and from VFA

Extend Your Journey:

Munga Plains is at your service to help arrange flights and additional travel in Botswana or the surrounding countries.

Book Your Spot:

Spaces are limited. Join the waiting list now! 

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Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover.          Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover.          Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover.         Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover.           Reconnect, Recharge, Rediscover


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